Tour and Travel Management

Tourism is a booming industry with an ever-increasing requirement for Trained & Skilled Professionals. UGC approved, Tour & Travel Management programme has a good mix of theory and practical training for the students. The course imparts an understanding of different aspects of Tourism Industry and provides career-oriented training and skills. It also lays stress on Personality Development and Communication Skills which are vital for a career in Travel Industry.

Teacher In-Charge: Dr. Kamlesh Kaur

Course Details

Ist Year

IInd Year

IIIrd Year

General Knowledge

Complete Understanding of Airline Reservation Systems & E-Tickets

Advance General Knowledge

Air Fare Calculations & Ticketing


  • The Business Environment of the Tourism & Travel Industry
  • Geography in Travel Planning
  • Air Transport Essentials
  • 3 Letter IATA codes for Cities / Airports / Airlines
  • Calculation of Travel Times
  • Technology in the Travel Industry
  • Detailed Travel Formalities (TIM) 


  • Introduction to Fare Calculations
  • IATA Geography
  • Global Indicators
  • Types of Journey
  • Direction & Usage of fares
  • Currency Rules
  • Specified Routings
  • Extra Mileage Allowance
  • One Way Fare Calculations
  • Round Trip Fare Calculations
  • Circle Trip Fare Calculations with Circle Trip Minimum Checks
  • Special Fares
  • Ticketing


  • Introduction to Advance Tourisn
  • Major Natural Geographical Features
  • The effect on climate on Travel
  • Major World Tourist Destinations and Attractions
  • Tour Packages – Planning, Conceiving and Costing of Tour Itineraries with numerous exercises in each segment.
  • Eco Tourism and importance of Heritage Conservation
  • New thrust areas / Future of Indian Tourism
    1. Adventure Tourism
    2. Wildlife Tourism
    3. Heritage Tourism
    4. Pilgrimage Tourism


Advance Air Fare Calculation

  • Introduction to the Tourism Industry
  • Basic Knowledge of Tourism & Travel Operations
  • Various Tourism Organizations, Associations and Regional Organisations- their role in the development of Tourism in India
  • Land Transport Elements- Railways, Cars & Camper
  • Water Transport Ferries and Cruises
  • Hotels & Hospitality Industry
  • Various tours circuits of Indian- Domestic market
  • Tours & Tour Operations



  • Journey concept VS Pricing Unit Concept
  • Fare Selection Criteria
  • Currency Regulations
  • Routing & Mileage based Fares
  • One Way Journeys with Backhaul Check
  • Round Trip Journeys
  • Circle Trip Journeys with Circle Trip Minimum Fare Check
  • Changing Fare Break Points
  • Mixed Class Journey
  • Special fares
  • Round the World Journey with RTW Minimum Fare Check
    Open Jaws
  • Lowest combination Principal
  • Limitations on Indirect travel
  • “C” / construction for BHC, HIP, CTM
  • Taxes
Personality Development
  • Customer Service Skills & Stress Management
  • Selling & Negotiating Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Campus Placement Module (Interview Skills )

In addition to above major areas, Educational Tour is organised annually for the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Year- Tour & Travel Management students, to enhance their understanding of Tour Operations.



Course Fee (Annual) (INR)

First Year


Second Year


Third Year



Career Prospects


Faculty – Mrs. Nidhi Bansal